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Coconut Butter Flop

I just reread my post from yesterday and was encouraged once again! I hope that my posts are encouraging to you as well. I feel certain that they are since you keep coming back for more! Thank you for reading! *** … Continue reading

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Every Thought Captive

Failure is so discouraging sometimes. Ok, all the time. Recently, I thought I was having some kind of break through with the way I viewed personal failure. I kept a good attitude. If at first… second… third I don’t succeed… Try, … Continue reading

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Charlie, Daniel and Pockets!

Wow! I suddenly feel very busy all the time and I have no time to write! Maybe that’s because I’ve been sewing like a mad seamstress, or because Charlie has been working on his “two front teeth!” Teething means more snuggles, shorter … Continue reading

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Crawling, Sewing and Gardening!

Lately, I feel like I have so much to say, but then I ran out of things to say last Wednesday. Actually, Dave and I were just very busy; hopefully, this week will be a little less crazy. I have some updates for … Continue reading

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Jesus is my Hope and Stay

Where to begin. Yesterday was a very stressful day and today I honestly can’t remember why. I did some apartment supervisory stuff, took my baby for a walk, I even got my hair cut! And I mean I chopped it … Continue reading

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The Three P’s of Babyhood: Yes, One of Them is Poop

If you’re a mom (or dad), you don’t even have to read this post to have an idea about what the three P’s are or what happened to me this morning. However, if you want all the gory details…read on, blog reader! … Continue reading

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Time Management

I have a very big problem with time management. Oh my, oh my! I have so many things to do! I have to wash the dishes, make my lunch, finish sewing my little project, do this, do that. Charlie will sleep … Continue reading

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