Time Management

I have a very big problem with time management.

Oh my, oh my! I have so many things to do! I have to wash the dishes, make my lunch, finish sewing my little project, do this, do that. Charlie will sleep for about an hour so…I think I’ll start by reading some blogs and some more articles about fermented foods!

One hour later:

Wow…those articles were very informative! I learned so much important information. Ok, now I’ll wash the dishes while eating my lunch that I also have to cook at the same time while sewing one-handed and maybe I should vacuum the floor while I’m a…Waaaa! (Charlie’s awake…never mind. I think I can squeeze in some lunch while we play with toys).

This is a regular occurence for me and it all started back in my formative teen years. I was thinking about this last night (packing and moving and chaos always seems to make me nostalgic somehow) and I realized that, since about age 11, I would rush through anything I had to do, including homework, so that I could…read, for hours, and hours, and hours, and sometimes well into the night. When I was in highschool I would often read until 2:00am (yes, on school nights)! Only then I was reading novels and classic liturature rather then articles about healthy eating and gut flora. Yes, I was such a lit nerd (I say this with endearment)!

Oh, and mom, remember when I used to rush out the door at 8:00am?

This was usually the reason.

So, what’s the problem? I’m learning good things that will help my family become healthy and stay healthy in the long run, right? Well, yes but I believe that part of our overall health is having balance and my friends, I do not have balance when it comes to time management (or sugar or chocolate, but that’s for another time).

Over the past several years, I have become increasingly aware of the fact that I do not accomplish the goals I set for myself. I have some theories about why this is, one is that I simply have too many goals and I become overwhelmed trying to do everything and so I do nothing. Another is this whole time management business. I know that it is an essential characteristic of people who accomplish things in general but I really don’t know how to do it myself. Hubby told me not long ago that I need to compartmentalize things which sounds great and I know that he does this very well (which is why he can wear so many hats and not go completely insane like I said in Time to move!)

But for me, at least for now, I may need a little more structure like:

-a to-do list

-a large calendar

-a daily planner (I lived by my planner all through high school and college. Perhaps that’s why I could read 50 novels a day and still get my homeworks done)

I really do like daily planners; they are like to-do lists and calendars all in one! I suppose that could be my answer. I’ll try using a planner again and see how that’s works for me.

What about you? How do you make sure you manage your time well and get everything done?

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