Charlie, Daniel and Pockets!

Wow! I suddenly feel very busy all the time and I have no time to write! Maybe that’s because I’ve been sewing like a mad seamstress, or because Charlie has been working on his “two front teeth!” Teething means more snuggles, shorter naps on the painful days, fussier evenings–poor baby! Teething babies have it rough!

Well, right now Charlie is fine. He’s happily playing with his toys (and chewing on them) in his pack and play. I love watching him go from one toy to the next, inspecting it, chewing on it, jabbering to it…he’s so entertaining! Here he is:


Isn’t he cute?

Update on the Daniel sermons!

I’m a little behind. Things got crazy when we moved and I haven’t caught up yet. Yesterday I listened to the two sermons called The Ancient of Days. They were great! I think it is so amazing and encouraging to know and be reminded that God was, is and always will be God. He is in control and will ultimately give all the kingdoms of the world to his son, Jesus, to rule forever! Amazing!

Update on my current sewing project:

Sewing a welted pocket is not for the faint of heart. I’ve already attempted it twice now and failed. But I think I’ve finally figured it out and I will conquer it!

I have so much more to say but I’m going to go snuggle my teething baby for a while and then defeat that pocket!

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