Coconut Butter Flop

I just reread my post from yesterday and was encouraged once again! I hope that my posts are encouraging to you as well. I feel certain that they are since you keep coming back for more! Thank you for reading!


The weather around here (and half the nation) has been not so nice lately making it difficult for me and Charlie to go for long walks. Instead, I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen!



All of this learning about healthy eating and living has me a little overwhelmed. There is so much on my mental list of things to try, different foods that I want us to include in our diet…my head is spinning! It might help if I were to make a list on paper instead of in my head! (I don’t know why I haven’t been making to-do lists recently. I know very well that I function better when I do.)

My experiment this morning did not go well. About a week ago, maybe longer, I bought a coconut not knowing what I was going to do with it. Yesterday I realized that if I didn’t do something with it soon it would go bad–if it had not already. So I decided to make coconut milk. CHECK! It worked and it’s delicious; it makes my morning smoothie taste a little more tropical!


I used this recipe from the Nourished Kitchen! I did not take off the brown skin because I had a really hard time getting the coconut meat out of the shell and by the time I got it all out it was in a lot of tiny little pieces!

After making the milk, I had leftover shredded coconut which I dehydrated in the oven last night.


My goal this morning was to turn it into coconut butter using this recipe from Nom Eat Nom, but it looks more like oily coconut flakes–very unlike Nom Eat Nom’s delicious looking picture of coconut butter!


The bright side is I can still use the coconut flakes (and the oily coconut flakes) to bake something. I’m just not sure what I’m going to bake yet. Any ideas?

So why did my coconut butter fail? I have a feeling that I just don’t have a powerful enough blender or food processor (I tried both). I also think that maybe making coconut milk and butter from the same coconut is not possible–I used another recipe along with the two above that said I could.


Have any of you ever tried to make coconut butter? If you did (and you were successful) what was you method? I would love to hear any and all suggestions!

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