My Actual Weight! My Honest Measurements and My Completely Honest Assessment!

Ok…here it is! As promised! Isn’t it fun to tell the world your weight and measurements?

I’m hearing a resounding NOOO!!!

But, my wonderful readers, I think that being honest with you will a) help me reach my goals and b) encourage you to achieve your goals!


Starting Weight: 169

My goal weight after one year is 129. If I feel as healthy as I can be before I reach 129, that’s fine too! Weight is just one of many ways to assess health.

Starting Measurements:

  1. Waist-37″
  2. Hips-43″
  3. Chest-43 1/2″
  4. Right Thigh-24 1/2″
  5. Left Thigh-24 1/2″
  6. Right Arm-11 1/2″
  7. Left Arm-11 1/2″

Energy levels: My energy levels have been pretty low. When I say low, I mean that at my most awake and energetic times of the day I feel like taking a nap! That might be an exaggeration but on a scale of 1 to 10 I would honestly give myself a 3.

Overall physical wellness: Physically I feel just ok. It’s hard to describe, but I feel like my body is constantly trying to heal me from the inside and my poor body is just over worked because, as far as diet and exercise, I haven’t given it much help over the last decade! Many mornings I wake up with very creaky bones and stiff, inflamed joints. Some days I feel a tiny bit ill (not really sick–just lousy). I would give myself a 3 out of 10.

Overall mental wellness: I’m not a doctor–of anything–but I do believe that mental wellness is connected to physical & spiritual wellness. I am nowhere near as joyful and motivated as I would like to be and some days it’s because I just don’t have the energy or the ability to focus. I would give myself a 4 out of 10 here.

I’m pretty hard on myself, I always have been. My husband gave me a 4 for physical wellness and a 5 for mental wellness. He loves me so much! He is always honest with me but definitely doesn’t see all of the flaws in me that I see in myself. 

Bible reading: I haven’t read anything recently enough to give you an assessment or even a little inspiration from my reading. A while ago I started a chronological Bible reading plan so I’m going to pick that up again. So, 0 out of 10 in this category! Yikes!


I don’t know if you noticed, but June is half over so I’ve already started some of my goals for the month. Dave bought me a pedometer a few days ago (when I told him about my grand plan) so my first goal is to wear it every day and increase the number of steps I take! On days when don’t go for walks with Charlie I get almost 10,000 steps. It seems like a lot but really…it’s not!

My second goal is actually for today. I have cooked black beans in the fridge waiting to be made into black bean brownies! I have rhubarb on the table and strawberries in the fridge waiting to be made into something. I have a coconut that needs to be opened and turned into milk and coconut flour (remember this post? haha!) And I also have some zucchini waiting to be made into bread (with healthy substitute ingredients)! I’ll post recipes if anyone is interested!

My third goal is to read this book. It’s by one of my favorite bloggers!

My fourth goal: I don’t really want to have more than 3 goals per month–at least not right away–but Dave said one of our goals should be to go to bed on time (10:00 PM instead of midnight?). He’s right and I think that would help with the lack of energy!


I want YOU to join me! Every 30ish days for 1 year, we’ll set new goals and track our progress toward a bigger health and wellness goal! Your health and wellness plan is going to look different from mine and your monthly goals might be different too! And that’s OK.

Be honest with yourself.

Do you want to get your health back? Maybe you have a weight loss goal?

Figure out what YOU want to track. Set a goal or two for the remainder of June (things that will help you reach your health or weight loss goals) and get started!  Whether it’s reading a book about food or fitness, getting outside and exercising, brushing the dust off your Bible and diving in, or something else!

Leave me a comment and let me know what your plans are and what you’re tracking! I would love to encourage you with your goals!

P. S. I’m not a doctor–if you feel like you need to go see one before starting your plan, do it! I will not be seeing a doctor but you may want to!

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