Not so excited about sharing my Before Picture

How am I doing with my goals? Mmm…let’s just say I need to get a little more organized. I’m definitely not efficiently accomplishing my goals yet. I made black bean brownies and got the recipe to you all but other than that I am failing! Good thing there are still 9 days left in June. I still have time to get myself together. Here’s a little recap of my goals:

  • Make black bean brownies and some other things. CHECK!
  • Wear my pedometer and increase my steps. (Where is that thing, anyway?)
  • Read this book. (I have five other books distracting me right now…does that count?)
  • Go to bed at 10:00pm (after I read just one more page, one more informational article, one more blog post…one more…)

I guess it’s easy to see what my real priorities are. The only things I’ve accomplished so far are to make a dessert and to read a bunch of stuff NOT on my list of June reading goals! Not to mention that I don’t think 3-4 pounds is going to happen this month. I did start this whole thing in the middle of the month though, so I’m going to give myself some grace here and try to lose 1-2 pounds.

Although, honestly my friends, I don’t know if that’s going to happen either. Old frozen-sugary-coffee-shop-beverage-habits die hard! 

I HAVE been catching up on some Bible study; however, I have not actually opened the Bible myself. I’m trying to catch up in the Daniel sermons by Dr. David Jeremiah. I just started the messages about Daniel praying for the people of Israel to return to Jerusalem. It’s all so interesting! *** I realized after posting about setting monthly goals and losing weight that I didn’t post a before picture…and I should have. Otherwise, how will you know that I’m a real person and not some false advertisement for, well, nothing ’cause I’m not advertising a THING except for all around healthy eating and living!

Why so much sass about advertisements?

Because, dear readers, I was duped in my younger days into believing that it was ok to drink weight loss shakes instead of eating nutritious meals that included healthy fats and cholesterol (yes! your body needs both of those). Because I tried the eat-two-bowls-of-highly-processed-breakfast-cereal-instead-of-meals diet and definitely lost weight–and then gained every single pound back! And most importantly because now I’m a mother, and when I see advertisements telling me that if my little dude won’t eat his healthy food, I don’t have to worry because there is a highly processed shake to fix that problem, too.

Sheesh! Chillax, oh frenzied-blogo-mom! You don’t have to watch the advertisements.

True. And I often don’t. I just wanted to share my thoughts on advertisements.

Dismount soap-box now.

ANYway…here I am! Before my healthy living transformation!

See Pudge-a-Mudge in the background? I had to take a picture with him too!

I have to be honest with you–I’m not so excited about sharing these pictures. I definitely don’t look like I used to and I definitely don’t have the confidence that I used to. But I am so excited that I’m doing something about this now and not later! That’s what I want to be about, people. I want to be about doing it now! Whatever “it” is, I want to do it now!

How about you? Did you make some health-wellness goals? Some reading goals? I would love to hear about them!

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