And if you’ve been following me for the last few weeks or more, then you know what that means! If not, you can get filled in on all the happenings here, here and here!

I have so much to say today–so much that I will probably not fit it all in today! I’m very excited for July. I hope you are too!


First Things, First!

I bet you’re all wondering how I did for the last two weeks of June. In order to get a true sense of how I’m doing I think we need a little recap!


Weight: 169


  • Hips-43″
  • Chest-43 1/2″
  • Right Thigh-24 1/2″
  • Left Thigh-24 1/2″
  • Right Arm-11 1/2″
  • Left Arm-11 1/2″

Energy Levels: 3 out of 10

Overall Physical Wellness: 3 out of 10

Overall Mental Wellness: 4 out of 10

Bible Reading: 0 out of 10

So that’s where I unofficially, haphazardly started this journey. Over the last two weeks or so I have made some positive progress–maybe not in the areas I would have liked to make progress but it is positive nonetheless.

So are you ready to see how I did?

Welp…here it is!


Weight: 170 +1

Ooops! Hmmm…how did this happen? Well, my weight (like many women) fluctuates a lot, so I’m not going to worry so much about it this time around. Two weeks of unorganized goals and plans ending in a weekend of some pretty bad food choices that included cake, ice cream, cookies and a frozen-sugary-coffee-confection resulted in a gain of one pound this morning. Live and learn!


  • Waist 36″ -1 YES!
  • Hips-42 1/2″ -1/2 Hooray!
  • Chest-43 1/2″ Steady on!
  • Right Thigh-24 1/2″ Same!
  • Left Thigh-24 1/2″ And again!
  • Right Arm-13″ +1 1/2?
  • Left Arm-13″ +1 1/2?

My saggy jeans can attest to the 1 1/2″ loss in my mid-section! Wahoo! Those size 12s almost falling off my bum definitely make up for the one pound gain. And my arm measurements, well I’m pretty sure I didn’t measure them at the biggest part last time so 13″ is probably more accurate anyway. I also lift a 22 pound baby often throughout the day so maybe I just have big muscles!

Energy Levels: 3 out of 10–the same.

Overall Physical Wellness: 4 out of 10–I feel a little better, physically. I’ve been drinking beet/carrot/apple juice about twice a week and I really think it has helped. Beets are super high in antioxidants. Could there be a correlation between drinking beet juice and feeling better? My guess is, yes! Plus (other than the sweets I had this weekend) I’ve been doing my best to eat nutrient dense foods, to listen to my body and give it what it needs–this includes lots of protein, healthy fats, fruits and veggies, etc. I’m still breastfeeding a growing baby so I know that “dieting” is not an option–even if I wanted to diet!

Overall Mental Wellness: 4 out of 10–I think I’m the same here, maybe a little better overall but not enough to say I’m a 5 quite yet.

Bible Reading: 1 out of 10–I feel like this is an uphill battle for me right now. I started to catch up on the Daniel sermons I was listening to and have been doing more scripture referencing but I still haven’t carved out a daily Bible reading time, and this, my friends is a big problem!



  1. Go to bed at 10:00pm and get up at 6:30-7:00am (This was a June goal that I’m still working on).
  2. Wear my pedometer–track and increase my steps 3-4 times a week (The past two weeks I pretty much stopped going for walks because of rain or because I was busy–excuses, excuses!)
  3. Read another book. I haven’t decided which one yet but I’ll let you know when I do.
  4. I think it’s time to break out the old 3o Day Shred with Jillian Michaels. I did it several years ago but I think I would benefit from doing it again A) because it’s structured and B) because I need structure! I know I already said I don’t like doing workout DVDs but I don’t mind this one so much and I don’t really have access to other kinds of workouts that I do enjoy. Perhaps that should be goal number 5!
  5. Find a workout that I enjoy and can access on a regular basis (Tennis anyone?)
  6. Sew something–this is going to be it’s own post! I’m really excited about this one!
  7. Start reading the Bible again, starting with Ecclesiastes. I have many, many thoughts about this. This one is so important that it will also be a completely separate post and possibly regular posts. I really am bursting with things to say right now but I’m going to save my thoughts for another post!

I think that’s it for my July 1st assessment, my thoughts and my new goals! I have more things to say about how I’m going to be more organized this month and really strive to meet the goals that I set for myself. I also have some changes in mind for my blog but, as excited as I am that will all have to wait for another time.

What about you? Did you set any new goals for July? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment!

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