To My Husband…

I’m going to abuse my blog today to say Happy Anniversary to my best friend, Dave. Today we have been married for three years and I’m convinced that I could not possibly be happier with anyone else in the world. We’re definitely “made for each other,” and we prove it everyday!


We’ve been through so much life together in our short three years of marriage (and the two previous years of dating and engagement) and I’m so glad that it’s you, Dave, that I get to spend all of my days with!

Here’s why:

  • Jesus is the rock of our marriage. I’m so grateful to be married to a man who loves the Lord with all his heart and wants his family to love the Lord with all their hearts, too.
  • We’ve had so much fun and laughter together and there’s so much more to come. I don’t want to miss out on any of it!
  • We’ve experienced loss together and through it we’ve grown closer.
  • We have the sweetest, cutest little baby dude on the planet. We wouldn’t trade him for anything!
  • You always make sure we have everything we need (and a few extras, too). Thanks for all you do!

Thanks for being my husband (and a super great one at that). And thanks for being Charlie’s daddy–I love to see you bond with him and make him smile and giggle! It’s the best sight in the world.


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One Response to To My Husband…

  1. The Husband says:

    I like this post. Thank you for devoting an entry to me and our love! I love you!

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