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And if you’ve been following me for the last few weeks or more, then you know what that means! If not, you can get filled in on all the happenings here, here and here! I have so much to say today–so … Continue reading

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Not so excited about sharing my Before Picture

How am I doing with my goals? Mmm…let’s just say I need to get a little more organized. I’m definitely not efficiently accomplishing my goals yet. I made black bean brownies and got the recipe to you all but other … Continue reading

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My Actual Weight! My Honest Measurements and My Completely Honest Assessment!

Ok…here it is! As promised! Isn’t it fun to tell the world your weight and measurements? I’m hearing a resounding NOOO!!! But, my wonderful readers, I think that being honest with you will a) help me reach my goals and … Continue reading

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A Plan for Health and Wellness!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past few days. Of course I have. I’ve really been thinking a lot about what I wrote on Friday and I think I’ve come up with a plan! I wrote about making … Continue reading

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Time Management

I have a very big problem with time management. Oh my, oh my! I have so many things to do! I have to wash the dishes, make my lunch, finish sewing my little project, do this, do that. Charlie will sleep … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible

Several weeks ago, I determined to read the Bible every day and for several weeks it went very well. And then I got distracted. I often follow a little Bible reading cycle that goes like this: -read Bible daily -get … Continue reading

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I have a problem. A big, scary, lurk under the bed kind that I try to pretend isn’t there and I jump into my hypothetical bed and not let my feet get too close incase the scary thing grabs me … Continue reading

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